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2015. Looking back.

Soundtrack: Green, Green Rocky Road / Oscar Isaac


hamiltonweddingphotographer0011 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0031 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0041 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0051 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0061 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0071 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0081 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0091 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0101 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer011 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0121 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0131 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0141 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0151 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0161 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0171 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0181 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0191 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0201 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0221 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0231 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0251 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0261 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0271 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0281 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0291 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer030 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer031 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer032 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer033 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer034 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer035 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0211 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer049 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer038 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer040 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer041 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer042 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer044 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer045 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer048 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer047 2015

I traveled back to Minnesota for the first time in 8 years. It’s a place filled with some of the dearest people in the world to me and so many memories. I neglected to properly remember how cold Minnesota (and snow!) can be in the right season. My kooky kazak slippers and the house felines were welcome sources of warmth.  I now understand why cats follow the sun around the house at all costs!  I also reconnected with my favorite people, the Lipperts, and watched my lovely roommate from college, Sara, marry her sweetheart John.

Little moments are what I take away and replay in my mind as the plane takes off East once again… watching Sara and John’s first dance as married people, noting the quirky and charming idiosyncrasies of Minnesota and its residents, being in the audible presence of Molly while she sings, watching Eli ride bikes and hit baseballs into snowdrifts that should be long gone, becoming one of the many enchanted followers of the bewitching and mischievous Hannah, and to once again share a beer with the Hamster. Isn’t it strange and wonderful and the tiniest bit bittersweet that as the years pass, sooner or later, we all grow up.

mn001 we all grow up

mn002 we all grow up

mn004 we all grow up

mn009 we all grow up

mn005 we all grow up

mn006 we all grow up

mn007 we all grow up

mn011 we all grow up

mn003 we all grow up

mn012 we all grow up

mn008 we all grow up

mn010 we all grow up

mn013 we all grow up

mn015 we all grow up

mn0011 we all grow up

mn017 we all grow up

mn018 we all grow up

mn 30 1024x681 we all grow up

mn019 we all grow up

mn 31 1024x681 we all grow up

mn022 we all grow up

mn024 we all grow up

mn026 we all grow up

mn028 we all grow up

mn029 we all grow up

mn030 we all grow up

mn032 we all grow up

mn033 we all grow up

mn034 we all grow up

mn031 we all grow up

This lovely pre-wedding party was held at the groom’s sister-in-law’s parents’ house on the shady backside of South Hill in Spokane.

dinnerpartyblog2 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog23 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog5 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog10 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog11 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog6 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog8 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog9 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog13 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog14 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog12 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog19 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog16 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog1 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog4 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog17 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog7 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog18 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog15 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog21 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog3 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog22 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

dinnerpartyblog20 elizabeth + tony // dinner party

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