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On melancholy days I close my eyes and think about the water.

venice1 downstream

venice2 downstream

The Venice of my dreams is the one I read about in books.  Many of these stories have become as familiar as friends and Venice is the dark, romantic, and often sinister place where their lives unfold and sometimes end.  Like everything else in Venice, the stories are old.  The Merchant of Venice, Death in Venice, and The Wings of the Dove have 624 years between them, which only puts them a few hundred years behind St. Marc’s Cathedral.

This is the city I sought out in the midst of the July heat, hoards of tourists, and endless shops hawking everything from pigeon pictures to Murano glass.  I found it at 5 AM; before the sun, and the tourists, and the market stalls.  Do not be fooled by the sun.  The Venice of my dreams and of the stories is there.  One just has to get up early to find it.

covervenice venice @ 5 am

venice4 venice @ 5 am

venice7 venice @ 5 am

venice8 venice @ 5 am

venice6 venice @ 5 am

venice2 venice @ 5 am

venice9 venice @ 5 am

venice12 venice @ 5 am

venice13 venice @ 5 am

venice5 venice @ 5 am

venice3 venice @ 5 am

venice11 venice @ 5 am

venice10 venice @ 5 am