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2015. Looking back.

Soundtrack: Green, Green Rocky Road / Oscar Isaac


hamiltonweddingphotographer0011 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0031 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0041 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0051 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0061 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0071 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0081 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0091 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0101 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer011 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0121 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0131 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0141 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0151 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0161 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0171 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0181 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0191 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0201 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0221 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0231 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0251 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0261 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0271 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0281 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0291 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer030 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer031 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer032 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer033 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer034 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer035 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer0211 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer049 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer038 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer040 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer041 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer042 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer044 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer045 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer048 2015

hamiltonweddingphotographer047 2015

deep thoughts // doha

Adventure is everywhere.  It’s become the semi-official tagline to my photography business because it’s become the semi-official tagline to my life. While walking by the window in the kitchen I noticed nice light on a little creative arrangement of flowers.  I went upstairs and got my camera.  V was in the kitchen when I got back.  Then the pack and the cat-dog came to investigate. Then the cat-dog demanded food. Little things can be big. Big things can be little. Adventure is everywhere.

adventureiseverywhere001 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere002 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere003 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere004 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere005 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere006 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere007 adventure is everywhere

I uncovered these pictures of the gorgeous Kellie + Tommy today while going through the Attakat archives. They braved the bitter cold morning of day two of Nessa and Sara’s amazing Austin workshop to let lots of happy photographers wave cameras in their faces for over an hour. We were all stoked with the results though! : )

daytwo001 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo002 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo003 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo004 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo007 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo006 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo005 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo008 kellie and tommy // day two