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wanderlust // oxford, england

It was so sunny, we felt like we were being punked.

oxford0011 sol lucet omnibus

oxford002 sol lucet omnibus

oxford008 sol lucet omnibus

oxford003 sol lucet omnibus

oxford007 sol lucet omnibus

oxford004 sol lucet omnibus

oxford009 sol lucet omnibus

oxford006 sol lucet omnibus

oxford005 sol lucet omnibus

My last stop before returning to Doha this past summer was a ten hour layover in London, playing ping-pong between cheap flights and continents. Landed at Heathrow at 7:00 AM: no sleep, dropped bag in a locker in Paddington, pasty for breakfast, one day tube ticket for central London.  Eight hours + several sights and pints later, I found myself back in the security queue at Heathrow, savouring one of my favourite days of the entire summer.

May I present a minimalist tour of tourist London. Mind the gaps.

london001 mind the gaps

london002 mind the gaps

london0031 mind the gaps

london019 mind the gaps

london0071 mind the gaps

london0051 mind the gaps

london004 mind the gaps

london0061 mind the gaps

london008 mind the gaps

london010 mind the gaps

london012 mind the gaps

london011 mind the gaps

london014 mind the gaps

london018 mind the gaps

london015 mind the gaps



storyboard004 punt


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