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deep thoughts // doha

Adventure is everywhere.  It’s become the semi-official tagline to my photography business because it’s become the semi-official tagline to my life. While walking by the window in the kitchen I noticed nice light on a little creative arrangement of flowers.  I went upstairs and got my camera.  V was in the kitchen when I got back.  Then the pack and the cat-dog came to investigate. Then the cat-dog demanded food. Little things can be big. Big things can be little. Adventure is everywhere.

adventureiseverywhere001 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere002 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere003 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere004 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere005 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere006 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere007 adventure is everywhere

Nessa said it at the workshop. Ira Glass said it in my new favourite video. Jack White said it. The awesome Brainpickings has an indexable list of other people who have said it.

Do work. Do more work. Do good work. Do work.

I could list a 1000 “even ifs” and make this painful to read, but I won’t because the advice is universal.

And I am attempting it. I want to close the gap. I want to grow in my creativity. I want to do good work.

dogoodwork001 do good work

dogoodwork002 do good work

dogoodwork003 do good work

dogoodwork004 do good work

dogoodwork005 do good work

dogoodwork0061 do good work

dogoodwork007 do good work

dogoodwork008 do good work

dogoodwork009 do good work

dogoodwork010 do good work

dogoodwork011 do good work

dogoodwork012 do good work

dogoodwork013 do good work

dogoodwork014 do good work

dogoodwork015 do good work

dogoodwork016 do good work

dogoodwork017 do good work

dogoodwork019 do good work

dogoodwork020 do good work

dogoodwork021 do good work

dogoodwork022 do good work

dogoodwork023 do good work



A girl + an iPad + a cat on a bed in the morning. What a visual epiphany. How often we go roaming the fields, searching for the flowers growing at our feet.

vipad001 simplicity

vipad002 simplicity

vipad003 simplicity

vipad004 simplicity

vipad005 simplicity

vipad006 simplicity

vipad008 simplicity

vipad009 simplicity

vipad010 simplicity

vipad011 simplicity

vipad012 simplicity

vipad013 simplicity

vipad014 simplicity

vipad015 simplicity

vipad016 simplicity

vipad017 simplicity

vipad018 simplicity

vipad019 simplicity

vipad020 simplicity

vipad021 simplicity

vipad022 simplicity

vipad024 simplicity

vipad025 simplicity

vipad026 simplicity

vipad027 simplicity

vipad028 simplicity

vipad029 simplicity

vipad030 simplicity

vipad031 simplicity

vipad032 simplicity

vipad033 simplicity