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Deep breath. Refresh.

So here I am. 6 months later, another country, another continent, another world. There were things in between, there’s a story of how I got here, and I will tell it eventually. But here, all I can see is what’s in front of me. I am dreaming out loud now. I am hungry. And with that in mind, I took a trip to Peterborough.

Refresh is a place to gorge and grow. I’ve been gunning to meet Jennifer and Hugh since a whisper of an introduction was made last year by our mutual friends/gurus, Jonas and Mary.

So here we go. A little story of Carly and Mikey. Contrived circumstances, but crafted from true feelings, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t have a little soul shellac.

P.S. I’m now shooting weddings in the Hamilton and Toronto areas. It’d be great to meet you and take pictures of your day/life/love too.

P.P.S. There’s also audio.

Soundtrack: Hold On / Alabama Shakes


hamiltonweddingphotographer001 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer002 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer003 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer028 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer005 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer006 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer007 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer008 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer009 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer010 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer012 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer013 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer014 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer015 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer016 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer017 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer018 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer019 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer029 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer021 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer022 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer023 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer024 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer025 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer026 refresh

hamiltonweddingphotographer027 refresh

I uncovered these pictures of the gorgeous Kellie + Tommy today while going through the Attakat archives. They braved the bitter cold morning of day two of Nessa and Sara’s amazing Austin workshop to let lots of happy photographers wave cameras in their faces for over an hour. We were all stoked with the results though! : )

daytwo001 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo002 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo003 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo004 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo007 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo006 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo005 kellie and tommy // day two

daytwo008 kellie and tommy // day two

Not gonna lie, I played air guitar when this one popped up on my screen…

kellietommy 7blog one // the truth

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