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A girl + an iPad + a cat on a bed in the morning. What a visual epiphany. How often we go roaming the fields, searching for the flowers growing at our feet.

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Today is the 15th of October; halfway through my favourite month. I’m not an overly superstitious person or prone to ritual, but I have preferred October to all other times of the year for as long as I can remember.  This one has been almost perfect so far: interesting people, stimulating conversations, new horizons, productive opportunities, good food, time to think, and season changes (which is saying a lot for Qatar!) have peppered the past 2 weeks + 1. I think I savour them more because every day is numbered and accounted for.  No moment goes unnoticed or wasted.  And while many of these moments are repeatable patterns, made mundane in other months, in October, they are strung together by my imagination into little gobs of joy.

Just another fabulous day in the garden with critters of various sizes.

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