Adventure is everywhere.

It’s the moment you realise you’d be lucky to spend the rest of your days with the person sleeping next to you. It’s every 3D object for your first two years as a parent. It’s that time you I learned to scuba dive. And the late night out/in at the karaoke bar/living room belting The Avett Brothers* <insert band here> with your favourite people.

Waking up to breakfast in bed or waking up at an ungodly hour to catch a flight that expands the borders of your known universe. It’s the Saturday picnic in the park, the epic cribbage game in the kitchen, the unknown substance you just stepped in…  It’s the spontaneous left turn: at the red light, on the trail, in life.

And the greatest adventure of all: love. Just doing our damnedest to love ourselves, our partners, children, families, friends, friends who become family, the furry four legged creatures who we trip over on the stairs, and the earth under our feet. It’s the most important thing we ever do.

I know you know this.  We all know it. But sometimes it’s nice to take time to acknowledge it. That’s where I can help.  I promise to bring my tools and my best; to watch and listen and laugh and talk, and use my camera to make connections and tell stories.

So if you get it, and you want to celebrate it, drop me a line, get in touch. Let’s share an adventure.