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personal // colorado

Walking down paths I used to know as well as the back of my hand. Things are different and so am I. Change gonna come. Love lingers though.

home001 home

home002 home

home003 home

home004 home

home006 home

home005 home

home007 home

home008 home

home009 home

home010 home

home011 home

home013 home

home014 home

home015 home

home017 home

home018 home

home027 home

home020 home

home019 home

home021 home

home023 home

home029 home

home025 home

home026 home

home028 home

deep thoughts // doha

Adventure is everywhere.  It’s become the semi-official tagline to my photography business because it’s become the semi-official tagline to my life. While walking by the window in the kitchen I noticed nice light on a little creative arrangement of flowers.  I went upstairs and got my camera.  V was in the kitchen when I got back.  Then the pack and the cat-dog came to investigate. Then the cat-dog demanded food. Little things can be big. Big things can be little. Adventure is everywhere.

adventureiseverywhere001 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere002 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere003 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere004 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere005 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere006 adventure is everywhere

adventureiseverywhere007 adventure is everywhere

wanderlust // oxford, england

It was so sunny, we felt like we were being punked.

oxford0011 sol lucet omnibus

oxford002 sol lucet omnibus

oxford008 sol lucet omnibus

oxford003 sol lucet omnibus

oxford007 sol lucet omnibus

oxford004 sol lucet omnibus

oxford009 sol lucet omnibus

oxford006 sol lucet omnibus

oxford005 sol lucet omnibus