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One of my trademark sayings is “You’re a gem!” It’s an odd turn of phrase, but I like it and the little picture it creates in my mind of wandering through darkness and discovering something or someone sparkly where you least expect, a shiny rock of brilliance amidst a more average landscape.

Like myself, Nezha is from the Mountain State.  We sit and talk, remembering our mountains, yet also looking around at the sandy horizons of opportunity and adventure that stretch out before us here in Doha in this season of our lives. Nezha is a gem: that rare person who translates between worlds, languages and ideas seamlessly, is curious about life (such a valuable trait!), and radiates class, warmth and intelligence to everyone she encounters. I relish my friendship with her.

On a sunny Saturday, we got together at her place to enjoy tea, a dancing lesson or two, and show off an AH-mazing dress.

Nezha’s stunning dress has a story all its own. It is a custom-made design of her own creation based loosely on a traditional three part garment composed of shalvar/trousers, kameez/tunic, and dupata/shawl. The fabric was lovingly hand sourced from Lahore, Pakistan and stitched together by cousin Mona’s longtime tailor.

nezhablog020 nezha

nezhablog012 nezha

nezhablog013 nezha

nezhablog006 nezha

nezhablog001 nezha

nezhablog008 nezha

nezhablog003 nezha

nezhablog010 nezha

nezhablog005 nezha

nezhablog004 nezha

nezhablog009 nezha

nezhablog011 nezha

nezhablog023 nezha

nezhablog017 nezha

nezhablog018 nezha

nezhablog016 nezha

nezhablog021 nezha

sri lanka


Let me tell show you a story of Sri Lanka. Grab a cuppa, get comfy, it’s a novel.

srilankablog001 sri lanka

srilankablog002 sri lanka

srilankablog005 sri lanka

srilankablog028 sri lanka

srilankablog004 sri lanka

srilankablog006 sri lanka

srilankablog008 sri lanka

srilankablog009 sri lanka

srilankablog010 sri lanka

srilankablog011 sri lanka

srilankablog007 sri lanka

srilankablog013 sri lanka

srilankablog003 sri lanka

srilankablog015 sri lanka

srilankablog080 sri lanka

srilankablog018 sri lanka

srilankablog019 sri lanka

srilankablog020 sri lanka

srilankablog022 sri lanka

srilankablog023 sri lanka

srilankablog024 sri lanka

srilankablog026 sri lanka

srilankablog029 sri lanka

srilankablog027 sri lanka

srilankablog030 sri lanka

srilankablog034 sri lanka

srilankablog031 sri lanka

srilankablog032 sri lanka

srilankablog033 sri lanka

srilankablog083 sri lanka

srilankablog035 sri lanka

srilankablog036 sri lanka

srilankablog037 sri lanka

srilankablog038 sri lanka

srilankablog039 sri lanka

srilankablog040 sri lanka

srilankablog041 sri lanka

srilankablog042 sri lanka

srilankablog043 sri lanka

srilankablog044 sri lanka

srilankablog045 sri lanka

srilankablog046 sri lanka

srilankablog047 sri lanka

srilankablog048 sri lanka

srilankablog049 sri lanka

srilankablog050 sri lanka

srilankablog051 sri lanka

srilankablog052 sri lanka

srilankablog053 sri lanka

srilankablog054 sri lanka

srilankablog055 sri lanka

srilankablog056 sri lanka

srilankablog057 sri lanka

srilankablog058 sri lanka

srilankablog059 sri lanka

srilankablog060 sri lanka

srilankablog061 sri lanka

srilankablog062 sri lanka

srilankablog063 sri lanka

srilankablog064 sri lanka

srilankablog065 sri lanka

srilankablog066 sri lanka

srilankablog067 sri lanka

srilankablog082 sri lanka

srilankablog081 sri lanka

srilankablog068 sri lanka

srilankablog070 sri lanka

srilankablog014 sri lanka

srilankablog071 sri lanka

srilankablog072 sri lanka

srilankablog073 sri lanka

srilankablog074 sri lanka

srilankablog079 sri lanka

srilankablog076 sri lanka

srilankablog077 sri lanka

srilankablog078 sri lanka