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summer days


summerdreamin1 summer days

Ah, summer days. We’re all enchanted with them, though I’m convinced that the kitten has the best napping spot and consequently, the best dreams. I’ve been practically a recluse lately.  Such is the combination of circumstances of being an introvert at heart, Doha in the summertime, and not leaving this year to go anywhere fabulous.  I’ve had my reasons though, to stay quiet and still, and they have been worthwhile and surprisingly rewarding.

I don’t think I’m quite confident in the bliss of being alone.  I catch myself perfectly content, and stop and look over my shoulder waiting for the feelings of loneliness, self pity or the crazy cat/dog lady labels.  But they don’t come. I am actually just happy. After all, those are just sad stereotypes encouraged by insecure people and I’ve realized I’m a great deal less insecure than I used to be – in everything. I chalk it up to age, wisdom and some fabulous reading. I plan on being one of those women who saunters around in her old(er) age, like the ones on Advanced Style. It’s a process after all.

For now, I’m basking in the last of my warm, quiet summer days.