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the new guy


The golden guy in the first picture followed one of my walking partners home two weeks ago.  He arrived with a collar but no name tag.  At risk of being thrown back on the street, he spent the night in my yard…and then another one…and then another one.  Cala thinks having a friend around is the cat’s meow, no pun intended, so he got a name (Bashir) and a semi-permanent spot in the family pack.

blog001 the new guy



Here in Doha, spring is like fall.  We’re mourning the oncoming heat and clinging to the last beautiful days of our lovely winter.  The garden has become the living room and dining room we enjoy these temperate afternoons.  The kid was out with her bubbles today from noon until night.

fam 6Dweb bubbles

fam 5Dweb bubbles

neve23dweb bubbles

fam 10Dweb bubbles



pobo1dweb foot