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These are the resident felines. Pushkin is the fluffy one. Pobedonostsev (Pobo) is the fat, striped one.  Both are Montreal rescue kitties, love to chase birds and moths, sit on any freshly washed clothes they can find, and are ridiculously spoiled.

meow002 meow

meow001 meow

meow003 meow

the mosque


This beautiful mosque rises up out of the surroundings of Abu Dhabi. It is literally impossible to miss as you are driving by. It draws you in. After a little fence-hopping (in front of the security guard!) to get inside the grounds, and the mandatory opportunity to don an abaya, I had a lovely afternoon exploring!

storyboard0011 the mosque

storyboard016 the mosque

storyboard002 the mosque

storyboard004 the mosque

storyboard006 the mosque

storyboard005 the mosque

storyboard007 the mosque

storyboard011 the mosque

storyboard009 the mosque

storyboard008 the mosque

storyboard010 the mosque

storyboard003 the mosque

storyboard013 the mosque

storyboard012 the mosque

storyboard014 the mosque

storyboard017 the mosque

storyboard015 the mosque