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We rented the first floor of this splendid house in Guildford for three weeks. It was, by far, the highlight of my summer. Rainy days, lazy walks into town for a pint or a book, green everywhere.  Sniff…so sad to leave…

Abbeyfield 1 goodbye abbeyfieldAbbeyfield 21 goodbye abbeyfieldAbbeyfield 51 goodbye abbeyfieldAbbeyfield 3 goodbye abbeyfield



This place has been on the bucket list since childhood. I don’t know what I read about the White Cliffs of Dover, but I read it young and fell for it hard.  Three hours of rainy cliff hiking later and I’m proud to report that they don’t disappoint!  Gorgeous, every bit of it.

Dover 3 web dover

Dover 1 web dover

Dover 6 web dover

Dover 2 web dover

Dover 7 web dover

Dover 4 web dover

Dover 5 web dover



Milan in August is a city of contrast.  For the endless waves of heat rolling through the city in the afternoon, there is gelato. While enjoying the cooler ambience of a restaurant’s terrace in the evening, one is bombarded by mosquitos. And across the street from the city’s beloved Duomo, staring at its grandiose facade, are statues of demons, guarding the darkness.

Forgotten gods and forlorn frescos find a new home on castle walls. Football and the opera are both national pastimes. Jesus and the devil seem to be in constant company.  Curiosities abound in this place and I am happy to have seen a slice of it during my summer wanderlust.

storyboard007 milan

storyboard008 milan

storyboard009 milan

storyboard010 milan

storyboard011 milan

storyboard012 milan

storyboard013 milan

storyboard014 milan

storyboard015 milan

storyboard016 milan

storyboard017 milan

storyboard006 milan

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