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This is Owen.  He’s 3 years old, lick smart, and fast!  I was up and down, hands in the sand to keep up with him!  We had a great afternoon together, along with his parents, Donna and Morgan.

owenforblog4 owen

owenforblog1 owen

owenforblog5 owen

owenblog7 owen

owenforblog2 owen



It’s graduation, preschool style!  My oldest daughter graduated from preschool today, and man, did they go all out!  They performed ‘Snow White and the Seven Nine Dwarves’ and then did a costume change for a full graduation ceremony with cap and gown!  Neve was exhausted by that point, you can see it in her face, and I think the highlight of her evening was the donut at the end of it all! Congratulations Neve!

gradblog graduation

I was celebrating my new laptop battery by combing through some of my trip pictures to South Africa again.  These few struck my whimsy, the chicken especially.

SA2 1 south africa // second look

SA2 3 south africa // second look

SA2 2 south africa // second look

SA2 4 south africa // second look